Wellness Consultation


What is it?

A structured 4-session package to help guide you toward the “best next steps” in your healing journey. Together we will create a roadmap to direct and guide you toward your health and wellness goals. We will discuss where you are (what is working, what is not), what you’ve tried in the past (what worked, what did not), where you want to be/how you want to feel, and what obstacles get in the way. At the end of our four sessions, I will create and send you a “Wellness Roadmap” equipped with treatment recommendations and referrals to help you get from here to there.

The consultation package includes:

  • 4 one-hour long online video sessions

  • a comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment

  • collaborative exploration and inquiry around your goals

  • a PDF “Wellness Roadmap”, and a list of practitioner referrals 

At the end of our four sessions, you will have the option to schedule monthly, quarterly, or “as needed” consultation appointments to check-in on your progress and adjust as needed.

Who it is for?

Wellness consultation services are for those who feel like something is missing or “off” in their lives, but don’t quite know what that may be or where to look. You’re aren’t sure where to begin, but know you’re not as happy or fulfilled as you’d like to be. You’re in the forest and can’t see through the trees.

Help is here and change is possible.

Contact me for further info or click here to purchase a 4-session consultation package to reignite your life.

Perhaps it is your next “right step” toward greater healing and happiness. Together we will create your healing template and get you pointed in the right direction. I support you and believe you can do this.

More happiness and abundance is right around the corner.