Online Therapy


What is it

Virtual therapy sessions from the convenience, safety, and comfort of your home, office, car, or favorite remote location. Session lengths and frequency are based on your needs and desired goals for treatment. In my experience, most people benefit and see better, faster results with consistent weekly therapy.

Session length options include:

  • 50-55 minutes

  • 75 minutes

  • 110 minutes

I use a HIPPA-compliant telemedicine platform to ensure confidentiality during our sessions. The app is free to download to your phone, laptop, or other personal device of your choosing. As a client, you’ll also have access to online guided meditations for additional support in between sessions.

Who It’s For

Online therapy sessions are for adolescents and adults who are looking for more balance, fulfillment, and freedom in their lives. You value self-exploration and growth, but find it hard to carve out time in the week for therapy. Work schedules, child-care, family responsibilities, college demands, and/or traffic make it hard to create the time and space for you. For many of us, when push comes to shove, our self-care is the first to get bumped down the priority list. Now you can save on commute time, whether it’s the Bay Area traffic or the buffalo crossings in Wyoming, shuffle those priorities, and dive into the self-healing you want to do.

You’ve had therapy in the past and found it was helpful, so this isn’t your first rodeo. Overall, things are going fairly well; however, there are areas in your life where you are experiencing suffering and are in need of more attention. At this stage in your life you are ready to “level up” and call in more support to heal these areas of your life. In our work together, you can expect to develop resources for greater emotional and physiological regulation, cultivate a personal mindfulness practice, learn mindful, compassionate communication, and form deeper, more intimate relationships in your life.

Healing and growth can be complicated enough. Simplify with online therapy.

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