Trauma-focused Therapy
Lafayette, CA

For Individuals and Families

Trauma Happens to Most of Us

Most of us have been affected by trauma in some way, either directly or in relationship with another person. The impact of trauma effects your work, relationships, physical health, emotional state, and mental functioning. Unresolved trauma can result in feeling disconnected from yourself and others, overwhelmed, a lack of control, numb, increased impulsivity and substance use, and anxious. Trauma-focused therapy helps you regain a sense of control in your life.

While I no longer actively engage in trauma re-processing, we will work together to build awareness of trauma triggers as they show up in your life and develop resources for increased stability and regulation. Brain science shows that what fires together, wires together in the brain. So, we will consciously build a tools and create new neural pathways in the brain to help restore a sense of freedom, power, and choice in your life.


EMDR is one of the tools I use in trauma-focused resourcing. EMDR is a powerful, effective modality used for treating trauma and can be equally powerful as a resource for trauma-related symptoms. For more information on EMDR click here.

Somatic Psychotherapy

Since trauma is stored in the body it is necessary to include your physical experience in the therapeutic process to fully heal trauma. Somatic psychotherapy is rooted in the mind-body connection and is backed by current neuroscience to be an effective modality for treating and resourcing trauma. For more information click here.

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