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Lafayette, CA

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Let’s face it. We’re human. As a result, we are neurologically and biologically wired to be in relationship with others... for better or for “worse”. Research shows that we are survival of the nurtured, not “the fittest” as we were taught. Relationships are important and necessary to our overall well-being… and can be quite challenging at times.

We learn how to form and exist in relationship(s) early in our childhood. We learn what is "normal" in relationship from the examples we were shown as children. As we get older, we sometimes find that what worked for us in our childhood family no longer works and leaves us with unfulfilling or problematic relationships with co-workers, family, friends, and/or romantic partners. Our relational patterns are outdated and we can find ourselves in unhealthy dynamics and ultimately disconnected from ourselves.

Together, you and I can explore and build awareness of how your past experiences are affecting your current relationships. With curiosity, compassion, and non judgment we will begin to process through the outdated relational patterns and create new, integrated ways of connecting to create more lasting, fulfilling relationships. 

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