EMDR Therapy
Lafayette, CA


A proven effective tool for treating trauma

What Is It?

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) psychotherapy is a powerful and effective tool in reducing psychological distress, including post-traumatic stress injury, anxiety disorders, panic attacks, complicated grief, phobias, surgeries, physical or sexual abuse, and self-limiting beliefs. When a traumatic or stressful event occurs it often encodes into memory in an incomplete way; the traumatic event becomes "stuck" in the brain. As a result, people with trauma often feel like they are reliving it. The brain does not register that the event is over and may hold onto images, emotions, physical sensations, sounds, smells, and/or beliefs as if the event is happening now. These memories are often triggered in everyday life through people or circumstance, which creates a perpetuating experience that the traumatic event is happening in present time. EMDR reduces the emotional charge of the event and restores mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Though the number of EMDR sessions varies from client to client, a majority of people find significant reduction in their symptoms within a shorter amount of time compared to conventional therapies.

How Does It Work?

EMDR utilizes bilateral stimulation (BLS) of the brain to access the fragmented memory networks that contain information about the disturbing event(s) and reprocess the information to a more adaptive resolution. In an EMDR session, the disturbing image along with the emotions, body sensations, and belief related to the memory are identified. While the client focuses on the disturbing event bilateral stimulation is added through the use of vibrating paddles and/or headphones to stimulate the trauma memory network, integrate the left and right hemispheres of the brain, and reprocess the memory while maintaining an awareness of the present moment. Driven by the body's natural impulse to heal, the brain re-processes the distressing material until new meaning or positive beliefs are formed.

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