Healing through Nature


Reconnect to Your Roots

In the rush of life, many of us have lost connection with nature and in consequence have lost connection with a core aspect of ourselves and our soul. We are metaphorically missing the heartbeat of life, moving along on the surface. For us to truly heal as humans, we must reconnect to the earth, to Mother Nature, Gaia.

For thousands and thousands of years, humans lived interconnected with the land and were dependent on a sacred, symbiotic relationship between us and Mother Earth. Women, in particular are biologically synced to the cycles of earth and moon, uniquely connected as the gatherers, healers, givers and supporters of life.

Ecotherapy emerged over 25 years ago and explores our relationship to nature as an essential component of our wellbeing and overall health. Rooted in indigenous wisdom and practices of connecting to the earth, ecotherapy utilizes nature as the container and catalyst for healing. However, ecotherapy teaches a reciprocal exchange of healing. One in which we give back to the Earth and help Her heal as well. Given our interconnection and dependence on Earth, we must help Her heal if we are to heal ourselves.

Reduce Stress, Anxiety, & Depression

Numerous evidence-based studies reveal that time in nature can lead to lower levels of anxiety and depression, improved sleep, reduced pain, less mental fatigue and stress, decreased post-traumatic stress, and higher immune functioning. Time in nature helps to shift perspective and create space for our mental, physical, and emotional states leading to improvements in our overall quality of life and increased eco-consciousness.

Ecotherapy Sessions

Sessions are uniquely tailored to each client based upon presenting issues, treatment goals, and level of physical health. Ecotherapy experiences include orienting to nature as a mindfulness practice, grounding, connecting to indigenous wisdom through meditation, drumming, and Nature Decks, regulating the nervous system through breath work, guided imagery, and calling in Spirit Guides, and cultivating a sacred, mutual relationship between oneself and all living things.

For clients interested in Ecotherapy, we first meet virtually for several sessions as we get to know one another, discuss goals for therapy, and outline a treatment course based upon their desired goals, level of physical health, and the unique limitations of confidentiality meeting outdoors. Once the treatment course is set, we meet outdoors (at mutually agreed upon locations) and embark on a unique, holistic healing journey with one another held in nature.

Ecotherapy sessions are held in nearby nature spaces and may include meeting in parks, walking local trails (paved and dirt), hiking, and kayaking. Often times sessions include a spiritual component as one learns to call in, listen to, and act from a greater wisdom and higher source found in nature. Please note, ecotherapy sessions are offered exclusively to women at this time.

Ecotherapy Retreats

I am thrilled to announce that I am currently in the process of creating nature intensive retreats and more extensive ecotherapy offerings. Please check back in or contact me for additional information. 

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