What is it?

Online or in-person consultation services to help you create a more mindful work environment. Mindfulness has been shown to improve focus and attention, widen one’s ability to work under stress, increase rational thinking, decrease stress, improve relational skills, improve memory, and enhance decision making. Businesses that embrace mindfulness and meditation practices see improvements in productivity, higher levels of employee engagement and morale, enhanced leadership, improved interpersonal relationships, greater employee retention, and decreased stress in their work environment.

I have 10 years of experience teaching mindfulness, effective communication, interpersonal relationship skills, and conflict resolution. I offer strategies and practices that are backed by current neuroscience on how the brain works, how our bodies (fight/flight system) can hijack interactions, interpersonal effectiveness, and ways to effectively manage and communicate within your company.

Together we’ll look at how workplace stress is effecting your company, what mindfulness is, and how to integrate mindfulness practices into your company from the top down to increase business productivity and profitability. Consultation services include:

  • A multi-level assessment of your company culture (interviews and surveys)

  • Practical tools and strategies to help move you toward your vision and business goals

  • Onsite meditation and mindfulness clinics for staff (if desired)

  • Personalized mindfulness and communication coaching at the leadership level

  • List of local resources for employees to seek additional support, if needed

  • Follow-up consultation sessions

Join alongside companies like Apple, Adobe, Facebook, Genentech, Google, & Aetna. Become a mindful business.

Who it’s for?

Are you tired of spending entire meetings spinning in circles or spending the majority of your time putting out “fires” instead of focusing on the work that needs to get done? I’m here to help.

Consultation and Mindfulness-based Workshops for businesses, organizations, and schools seeking to enhance productivity, decrease workplace stress, improve interpersonal relationships, boost morale, and create more balance within their work environment.

Possible workshop topics include:

  • Mindfulness and how to do it

  • Cooperative Communication

  • Finding Work/Life Balance

I would be honored to consult with you to create a more mindful, effective, and cooperative workplace.

Pricing is based on level of need (number of meetings,
depth of assessment, duration, and travel).